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Welcome to my film photography blog! 

Along with sharing my passion for the analog tradition, the goal of this blog is to present information on film processing and cameras from the perspective of an amateur hobbyist.

Film is not dead, but as I restarted shooting film a few years back, I often struggled to find the information to answer my simple questions in a meaningful and up-to-date manner.  Along with my  developing and scanning guides, I will post camera reviews and experiments. Please message me with any questions or suggestions for future posts. Also check out my Instagram to see my film results!  

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Take a trip back to the late 1990s where toy meets spy camera, and the result is these fun coke can shaped 35mm film cameras. Click here to see the specs about two of these unique toys and the results of a fun weekend out shooting with the family.

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Articles geared toward those new to, interested in, and hobbyists of black and white film photography. Shopping for film cameras, which cameras to buy and the basics of processing film are all topics covered in this section

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Turn your film negatives into stunning digital images with these guides on scanning and processing. Step by step instructions on how to use Lightroom for editing film negatives.

A simple guide to developing film at home. Including a list of materials and step by step instructions.

From films to cameras, check out my latest reviews here to see real world test results and technical specs on a variety of cameras.

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Travel - coming soon

Follow my adventures through the viewfinder of my Hasselblad or other various film cameras. On my most recent trip to China I hiked the great wall and found an old Chinese TLR in a Beijing flea market.

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