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Intro to Film Photography

This section is designed to provide information for anyone interesting in starting or revisiting film photography. Advice on what camera to buy and where to buy it, I have tried to gather easy to absorb information that I wished was more readily available when I first started with film and medium format cameras.


Don't let the lack of a light meter scare you away from using a great old analog film camera. Using these simple methods will help you achieve the perfect exposure every time.

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Whether you are new to film photography, reviving a long-forgotten hobby, or a current 35mm shooter, medium format is the best option to maximize fun and creativity while creating beautiful art.

Medium format cameras hasselblad minolta twin lens reflex polaroid yashica

Shopping for a medium format camera can be overwhelming, and resources can vary from overly technical to overly opinionated, Here is what I learned when making my first purchase. 

Hasselblad and Zeiss Lens.jpg

Carl Zeiss Lenses designed for the Hasselblad 500 (V-system) cameras are some of the best quality lenses available to film photographers. With over 50 different lenses to choose from, which one is right for you, your budget, and your shooting style?

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