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ABOUT Silver in the Dark Blog

Black and white photo of Erin Mcwhorter holding her Hasselblad

I decided to revisit film photography three years ago after taking a darkroom class at my local photography school. I fell in love with shooting and processing film, and started to see that as I learned new skills associated with film photography it translated to improvements in my digital photography as well. When embarking on this journey into film photography through online research, I realized that certain resources were outdated, limited, or way too technical. I decided to start this blog to encourage fellow digital photographers to take up or revisit film photography. A lot of my articles contain information that I wish I had access to when I first started, and links to extremely helpful sites I stumbled across along the way. Film photography is a great way to escape the computer and the world of vintage instagram filters for awhile and actually create art with your own two hands. I love to experiment with film and cameras to discover different niches within the limitless world of photographic art.

ABOUT Erin Emery McWhorter

Erin Emery photographing the Great Wall of China with her Nikon d810
Erin Emery McWhorter photographing the great wall of china with her Hasselblad 500cm
Erin McWhorte airline pilot sharing photo contest second place prize at work contest

I was born in the early 80s and belong to that rare generation who grew up during the transition from film to digital and still has a foot in both worlds. I can relate to both pre-digital and millennial artists.  As a helicopter and airline pilot, I get to see the world from many different view points. Photography has been a rewarding way to share my passion for aviation and travel. In my free time, I am either out shooting, dragging along my husband and dog, in the darkroom developing film, or at the computer researching my next experiment.  I shoot digital with a Nikon d810 and a mavic spark drone, and many various film cameras that I've collected.

Feel free to contact me with questions or ideas for future articles. I love to share my travel experiences and help people set up darkrooms or find the right camera.I can give specific advice for traveling around Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Spain, Italy, and the USA. I am a Certified Flight Instructor and can help someone who is interested in obtaining their commercial drone certificate. 


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